Episode 97 - Rocky (1976) Soundtrack

August 3, 2018

This is the first soundtrack we've covered on DGMM to be comprised predominately of score music.  No movie score meant more to a motion picture than the original Rocky from 1976.  Join us as we discuss Bill Conti's masterpiece soundtrack. 


Episode 96 - The Jazz Singer (1980) Soundtrack

July 27, 2018

As a child, Brian's all-time favorite music artist was Neil Diamond and his version of The Jazz Singer from 1980 was on repeat viewing and listening during his childhood.  So, who better to discuss this soundtrack than Brian's mom Joanne?  You loved her on the Saturday Night Fever episode and you'll love her on this episode!


Episode 95 - Radio Days (10-14-1999)

July 20, 2018

Long before your host started this podcast, he had dreams of being on the radio.  Join the BLT (Brian & Leah Time) from one of their full 80s-themed radio shows recorded at the San Francisco State radio station back in 1999.  Hear music from David Lee Roth, The Buggles, Madonna, Concrete Blonde, Kim Wilde, Great White, Aerosmith, The Police, New Order, Def Leppard, The Bangles, Tom Petty, The Go-Go's, Heart, Scorpions, Dokken, The Human League, Ozzy Osbourne, The B-52s, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Frank Zappa.


Episode 94 - The Karate Kid (1984) Soundtrack

July 13, 2018

You might be saying to yourself: "Wait, there was a soundtrack released for the original Karate Kid?!"  There absolutely was!  Stu and Brian discuss all 10 tracks in this week's episode!  Is this soundtrack the "best around" or is it the "moment of truth" for this little known album?


Episode 93 - Rocky IV Soundtrack

July 6, 2018

Yes, this movie and soundtrack is over 30 years old now, but the Cold War never dies!  Does the US still have a "Burning Heart" or will this soundtrack have to break you like Ivan Drago?


Episode 92 - Favorite Movie Cameos

June 29, 2018

Even though cameos are by design meant to be brief, they can often steal the entire film.  Join us as we discuss our favorite movie cameos!


Episode 91 - Ghostbusters (1984) Soundtrack

June 23, 2018

Everyone knows the iconic title track, but what about the other 9 tracks??  How does this album hold-up?  One of our favorite guests Danielle joins us to discuss the 1984 Ghostbusters soundtrack!


Episode 90 - 1980s/90s Movie Trivia Championship Round

June 15, 2018

The championship round of our movie trivia trilogy!  Will Brian P or Lynlea be named the DGMM trivia champion?  Plus, plenty of movie clips and your favorite SNL Jeopardy bits.


Episode 89 - 1975-79 Movies with Ralph Viera and Ian Wadley

June 11, 2018

DGMM is honored to have the dynamic duo of Ralph Viera and Ian Wadley from the Rock and Metal Combat Podcast to discuss our favorite films from the mid-to-late 1970s.  This is a must listen episode and includes exclusive stories never before told by both Ralph and Ian!


Episode 88 - 1980s/90s Movie Trivia Round 2

June 2, 2018

The second round battle for movie trivia supremacy!  Join Lynlea, Stu, and Brian D. as they answer movie trivia from the 1980s and 1990s.