Episode 119 - Workplace Movies

January 5, 2019

Get back to work! Actually, take a break from work and enjoy our picks of favorite workplace movies. And when you're done with your break, get to work on those TPS reports. Ummm, yeahhhhhh...

Episode 118 - Greatest Movie Theme Songs

December 28, 2018

Music and movies often go hand-in-hand and this episode proves that theory. How many times have you heard a theme song and immediately thought of all the scenes in the film it matches? Get ready for a trip through movie theme history!

Episode 117 - Movies That Take Place In One Day

December 21, 2018

This might seems like a random subject to cover, but as our terrific panel of guests discover, there are a ton of great films that take place in one day (or night). Did we mention one of your faves? Join us and find out!

Episode 116 - Great Balls of Fire Soundtrack

December 15, 2018

One of our favorite soundtrack guest returns to chat about one of the worst biopics ever. (her words!). Brian's mom Joanne chats about the Jerry Lee Lewis themed soundtrack from 1989.

Episode 115 - Favorite Westerns

December 8, 2018

We're going back to the old west in this episode covering our favorite Western movies from one of the oldest genres in film history.

Episode 114 - Vision Quest Soundtrack

November 30, 2018

You loved him on The Karate Kid soundrack episode, Stu returns to chat about the 80s high school wrestling classic, Vision Quest! Does this soundtrack resonate with "Only the Young" from the 80s or is it for the "Lunatic Fringe"? Take a listen and find out!

Episode 113 - Courtroom Movies

November 23, 2018

DGMM is going to court this week! Hopefully we hired a great lawyer to keep us out of jail. If not, you can check out episode 78 which covers our favorite prison movies.

Episode 112 - Animal House Soundtrack

November 17, 2018

We know the movie is a comedy classic, but what about the music? Brian's mom Joanne returns to discuss the Animal House soundtrack!

Episode 111 - Musicians Turned Actors

November 10, 2018

Does performing music on-stage mean immediate success when on the big screen? We decided to discuss our favorite actors who started as musicians.

Episode 110 - Last Action Hero Soundtrack

November 3, 2018

DJ Metal Mike Tyler returns to discuss the Last Action Hero soundtrack from 1993. Is this a hard rock cult classic or does the soundtrack deserve to die a slow death like a cheesy action-flick villain?